Problem Solving – Advice

Pressure Vessel Inspection & Certification

Being involved in the thermal design, mechanical design and manufacture of pressure equipment has equipped Allied Heat Transfer with the skills and knowledge to provide inspection, certification, re-certification and re-rate services that include advice on extending the service life and maintenance schedules of equipment. Our AICIP accredited pressure vessel inspection staff whom are accredited by the AICIP are well versed in the pressure vessel design, manufacture and inspection codes are available to assist with the management of your equipment.


Cooling System Optimisation

We attend site and perform a full thermal inspection on your existing systems then provide advice and reports on methods to improve efficiency and optimise your equipments performance.

We are able to provide insight into the fouling of your systems, why it occurs, how it affects performance, and how to reduce its effect through minimising the rate of fouling.

Cooling Fan performance evaluation and recommendation

An integral part of all air cooled heat exchangers is the fan. Our experience with the equipment and design methods of major international fan manufacturers coupled with our knowledge of heat exchanger design means that we can provide experienced opinions on potential methods to improve performance, lower noise and reduce power consumption.

Performance Analysis

Performance analysis of your existing cooling system. Why changes in performance have occurred.

Fouling analysis

How scaling and fouling affects your heat exchanger and how to minimise fouling. Recommendations on extending service intervals and service life.

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