Oil Coolers

Hydraulic and Marine Oil Coolers for Sale at Cebu’s Best Price

Air Cooled Oil Coolers from Manila’s most reputable manufacturers

ACX-Coolers-Line-up-Render-2We have the very best cooling you need at the very best prices!

You may get inferior product at cheaper prices but not all oil coolers are created equal for example you wouldn’t put a low pressure hydraulic cooler on a high pressure compressor circuit or a cooler made for indoor clean environment on a drill rig or a farm seeder.

Let us choose the best cooler for you and compare our prices.


  • Hydraulic-Oil-CoolersLarge stockholding
  • Complete cooling systems with fan & motor or cooler only.
  • Standard duty aluminium coolers
  • Heavy duty aluminium coolers
  • Extreme duty steel coolers
  • Low noise coolers
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Super efficient
  • Multi pass
  • Integral pressure relief & by-pass valves
  • Fan usage controlled by temperature switch
  • Custom coolers made in our manufacturing facility
  • Coolers cleaned –serviced & pressure tested

Our Catalogue lists all models, performance and dimensions


Water Cooled Oil Coolers

Shell & Tube coolers with oil through the shell and water through the tubes. We know these coolers- it’s what we make -it’s what we do.

Our coolers are built to last and designed for ease of maintenance. Let us quickly select the best cooler for your job.

  • Salt water & Fresh water coolers for marine oil cooling applications
  • Removable tube bundles for easy cleaning
  • No anodes need replacing ever so no costly forgetful mistakes
  • Fully floating tubes for no cracking or tube leaks from differential expansion
  • High temperature versions
  • Mining specification versions
  • Custom designs manufactured by us
  • Cleaning, De-scaling & testing service
  • Fitting advice and instructions
  • Heat exchanger problem solving

See our catalogue for models, performance & dimensions

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