Maintenance Workshops


  • Fast Turnaround: Very experienced fitters have the skills to turn your job around quickly which means that your job gets back to you sooner & cheaper.
  • Repair not Replace: Our emphasis is to repair not to take the easy way of replacing and the aim is to save you money.
  • New Technology: Cleaner – quicker means less cost to you.
  • Service: We do whatever hours necessary to get breakdown jobs back to you by the agreed time.
  • Collection and Delivery: You call, we pick up and return to you when ready. No counter fees.
  • NATA Test Certificates: We don’t just test we NATA test.
  • Quality ISO 9001: Health & Safety, environmental certificates.
  • High Quality: Australian radiator cores made in Perth with quick lead-times means less waiting.
  • In-House Fabrication: No need for outside contractors saves you money.
  • Performance Change Reports: Our design department can advise what effects any change will make.

An image showing the effects before and after maintenance services

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