Industrial Radiators

Buy a Full Range of Industrial Heat Radiators in Manila


Available radiators at Allied Heat Transfer

There is no company in Manila which understands Industrial Heat Radiators like the team at Allied Heat Transfer. As experts in the mechanics and uses of industrial heat transfer, we understand the importance of making radiators that are fit for service, and that is why we only use the highest quality radiator cores. We can also repair, service, and inspect existing radiators. If necessary, our experts can recommend a replacement for your industrial radiator from our extensive range.

Our cores are high efficiency, easy clean, low pressure drop

The choice of radiator core is important to a business; all require different tube / fin types. No one radiator core suits all applications so we recommend different radiator cores for different cooling jobs. Many industrial applications require a radiator core which has been specially designed to survive that harsh environment, and Allied Heat Transfer have access to them all.

Corrosion Resistant

These specially treated industrial radiator cores are used for offshore and salt laden environments.

Open Fin Radiator

Allied Heat Transfer recommend these cores where high dust and debris are a problem.

High Ambient

Cooling radiators for use in hot and dusty conditions.


These industrial heat radiator cores are made from heavy duty aluminium. They are best used in situations where space is tight.

Steel Tube

These cores are used for extremely resilient radiators, which can stand up to tough environments where damage is likely.

Repair, Retubes, Recores

Allied Heat Transfer are proud to offer a range of related services for clients whose industrial heat radiators are in need of repair or who need a radiator core replaced. We can help with industrial radiators in situations such as:

  • Drill Rig
  • Mine Site
  • Transport
  • Agricultural
  • Earthmoving
  • Rail
  • Power Generation

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