Complete Turnkey Cooling Systems

Turnkey Systems and Water Cooling Towers from Manila’s Leading Experts

DSC_0010-turnkeyOur business is heat transfer and everything that goes with it. We make the custom cooling system that best suits your application. We don’t try to suit your need to our product we advise the best product for your need. Allied Heat Transfer have a huge range or products to suit every possible application in the industry, from water cooling towers to marine heat exchangers for Manila’s top companies.

Contact us and we will quote the best solution for you for no Charge. Detailed designs paid for or included in the cost of manufacture if you decide to purchase from us.



Custom cooling and heat management systems made to demand

For Manila’s highest-powered clients we have often been able to design superior, unique cooling solutions which meet very specific needs or concerns. Whatever your scenario or work situation, Allied Heat Exchange have the expertise and experience to help your company out.

Custom cooling systems made that include the following design features:

  • Plug and play electrics and piping, just connect
  • Skid mounted, easy transport and locate
  • Variable speed fans, saving money on power bills
  • High & Low Ambients, extreme temperature range in the desert
  • Low fouling for the cement works
  • Low noise where site needed very low dBa
  • Corrosion resistant at a hyper saline site
  • Light weight for transport on the roads
  • Vibration isolator mounts extreme tracking conditions
  • Easy clean for every shift wash down
  • Compact design where space is limited on truck mounted drill rigs
  • Heat recovery systems. The heat from the exhaust gas heats the water
  • Low water use where water is very costly
  • Redundancy where any breakdown for any reason would be catastrophic
  • Low drift loss. Legionella concerns meant conventional water cooling towers could not be used
  • Automatic water treatment where site was remote

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