Industrial Radiators


Available radiators at Allied Heat Transfer

We understand the importance of making radiators that are fit for service and that is why we only use the highest quality radiator cores.

High efficiency, easy clean, low pressure drop

All require different tube / fin type. No one radiator core suits all applications so we use different radiator cores for different cooling jobs.

Corrosion Resistant

Radiator cores used for offshore and salt laden environments.

Open Fin Radiator

Cores where high dust and debris are a problem.

High Ambient

Cooling radiators for hot dusty conditions.


Heavy duty aluminium where space is tight.

Steel Tube

Radiators where damage is likely.

Repair, Retubes, Recores

  • Drill Rig
  • Mine Site
  • Transport
  • Agricultural
  • Earthmoving
  • Rail
  • Power Generation

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